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Met ASU arrests from the sky

Helicopters operated by the Met Police

Metropolitan Police Air Support Helicopters. Image: @MPSinthesky

Met Police helicopter operations in the last year have supported the arrest of 1,686 suspects and location of 169 missing people.

But the Air Support Unit’s role has been spectacularly boosted by public following of its Twitter feed @MPSinthesky that’s been responsible for capturing breathtaking sky views of London.

The Twitter account topped 107,000 followers by the end of the year.

The appeal of following the helicopter crews’ Twitter postings is being able to share in the special views to be had 10,000 feet above London’s streets and parks.

These include the memorable aerial picture of the ceramic poppy art installation at the Tower of London:

The Tower of London from the sky and the moat of ceramic red poppies in 2014

The memorable ceramic poppy installation at the Tower of London. Image: @MPSinthesky

There was the iconic image of Canary Wharf taken in thick fog:

London's Canary Wharf swathed in fog.

Canary Wharf enveloped in thick fog. Seen by a Met Police helicopter Air Support Unit. Image: @MPSinthesky

And the Air Support Unit team caught a marriage proposal, which had been spelled out on the ground in candles in Gladstone Park, Dollis Hill in August:

Candles used to spell out a marriage proposal

Will You Marry Me message in candles captured by Met Police ASU in overflying helicopter. Image: @MPSinthesky

Inspector Richard Brandon, said:

The ASU have had a busy, and at times an uncertain year, but I am so proud of each and every single member of the team, for their unwavering focus and determination to keep London safe from the sky. I would like to thank the public for their support and patience and we thank all our followers on @MPSinthesky, We’re glad you like what we’re doing and hope that you will continue to engage with us.

This gallery of 35 images from the winter of 2014 explains why Met Police helicopter pictures enchant and intrigue a growing global audience on the Internet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was the Met Police ASU’s Twitter New Year Greetings for 2015

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