Goldsmiths media top research Uni

Entrance to Goldsmiths, University of London

Goldsmiths, University of London Richard Hoggart Main Building. Image: LMMNews

Goldsmiths Media and Communications department has been rated top in the UK university rankings for research intensity.

The department is famous for its iconic media professors James Curran, Dave Morley, Sara Ahmed, Angela McRobbie and Sue Clayton among many others.

The Times Higher Educational Supplement has analyzed the latest four year round research performance outcomes.

It places media at the South East London college top by measuring the proportion of research active staff that were entered into the exercise.

The department teaches theory and practice and its current joint heads Sean Cubbit and Julian Henriques told staff:

The decisions we made and the scores we achieved (including 100% for research environment) reflects what a wonderful, diverse, innovative and supportive department we have – one that sets the agenda for what it means to do Media, Communications and Cultural Studies

The THES article argues that concentrating on those departments who entered more of their staff recognizes those who avoided ‘gaming’ the system.

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