Two thirds of London red buses at a standstill in 24 hour drivers’ strike



London Bus Strike

The Iconic London Buses not moving from their depot in New Cross because of strike action. Image: Londonmultimedianews

By Katie Rogers, Robbie MacInnes, and Scarlett Stansall

A day long strike of London bus drivers began from 00.01 this morning reducing service to bus routes throughout the capital.

Members of Unite walked out in protest at the fact there are currently 80 different pay rates for London bus drivers doing the same job.

According to Unite 27,000 bus workers took part in today’s action.

It’s estimated that only 44 of the 650 bus routes have been working today.

London regional officer for Unite, Wayne King, said if passengers expect to pay the same fare, why shouldn’t bus drivers expect the same pay?

Unite The Union Campaign Poster

Unite The Union Campaign Poster

The video below shows the picket at New Cross early this morning.

Unite say turn out and support has increased through the day and many commuters have supported the strike through Twitter:

Many are using the twitter hashtag BusStrike to support the drivers of London

Many are using the twitter hashtag BusStrike to support the drivers of London


Though not everyone is in support of the strike as some commuters have had long waits and disrupted travel

And some buses were running. This number 53 picked up passengers opposite the New Cross depot on its way to Lewisham.

Unite say there are pickets at more than  70 depots.

They say ‘the mayor should look at the streets of London today and recognise the depth of anger felt by the bus workers.’

Camberwell strikers say theirs has been one of the bigger turnouts.

Transport For London (TFL) had to make road diversions around the Depot.

Camberwell Bus Garage

United reported Camberwell Bus Garage had large turnout in favour of strike action. Image: Katie Rogers

Picketing at Camberwell was loud and musical.

Katie Rogers interview with union rep at Camberwell.

London Mayor Boris Johnson says:

It is very, very sensible to have different pay rates across London. There are different working environments, different labour markets across the city.

Robbie McInnes interview with union leader at Camberwell.

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