Smoke alarm advice after family rescued from blaze in Stonebridge Park

Warning about importance of smoke alarms after dramatic rescue of family in house fire

London Fire Brigide. Image:

The Fire Brigade is warning Londoners of the need for smoke alarms.

The advice comes after the rescue of a family in a house fire in Beames Road, Stonebridge Park early Sunday morning.

Three adults and four children were trapped when part of their hallway was alight.

They had to be given ‘fire survival guidance’ over the phone by the Brigade’s 999 control officers.

Just as crews arrived three neighbours at the back of the house gained entry and helped the family to safety.

One other adult had jumped from the first floor window.

11 people were treated at the scene by the London Ambulance Service for smoke inhalation.

Watch Manager Helen Christmas who was at the scene, said:

There was heavy smoke in the property and it was fortunate one of the adults noticed it as their smoke alarm did not sound. It just goes to show the importance of having a working smoke alarm and testing it regularly. They alert you to fire and can also buy you vital seconds to escape from one.

The Brigade said it praised the efforts of the neighbours who rescued the family.

But it urged people ‘not to put themselves at risk and to be on hand to give our firefighters as much information as possible when they arrive at the scene.’

The fire left part of the ground floor damaged.

Firefighters from Park Royal, Wembley, North Kensington and Willesden fire stations attended the incident.


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