Union claims 1,000 Night Buses to be axed to pay for 24-hour Tubes

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The The Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association has claimed that up to 1,000 night buses could be axed to pay for the 24-hour Underground service, due to start in September.

Transport for London has announced it’s reviewing night bus services to avoid duplicating routes.

TSSA has said that 47 of the 167 night bus routes run parallel with Tube lines that have 24-hour services proposed.

They believe this means almost a third of night bus routes could be discontinued.

TSSA union secretary Manuel Cortes was quoted in a statement released by the union:

London Underground officials have already privately admitted to us that Boris’s flagship Night Tube will not break even for another 17 years…It will lose £11 million in running costs in its first full year of operation. Our detailed study shows that they will be running a duplicate tube and bus service in the middle of the night on nearly a third of all routes…Something has got to give and we think it will be the Cinderella night bus service.

 The ‘Night Tube’ is expected to lose millions of pounds in the first few years of service.

 However, reports on Twitter said this morning that TfL has denied TSSA’s claims:

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