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Entrance of the toy fair at London Olympia

At the entrance of the exhibition. Image: LMMNews.

By Will Yu and Tomos Povey

The Toy Fair 2015 has opened its doors in London Olympia and runs from the 20th to 22nd of January.

Visitors are welcome to discover the pearls of creative manufacturing in a vital leisure supply industry for the retail world.

The toy fair 2015

The exhibition extends on two floors. Image: LMMNews.

This is the seventh year the fair has made awards for top ‘toys.’ It’s the only toy, game and hobby trade exhibition in the country.

“It’s a privilege to be able to showcase the Toy Fair Best New Toys, predicted to do well in 2015. Some amazing products were entered this year and it’s great to see the diversity of play experiences that the winning entries will give to children’s playtime throughout 2015. It’s wonderful to see the advances being made in the different categories and the increasingly intuitive incorporation of technology” – Natasha Crookes, British Toy & Hobby Association.

The fair offers an exclusive chance to discover new products that cannot be found in the market yet, but will be released later this year.

An example is this new tech quadcopter, controllable through a remote or an app on a smartphone.

It’s equipped with a camera to capture images and videos during flight.

The X vision

With an equipped camera, the X vision can send live recording video to a smartphone through wifi. Image: LMMNews.

Here’s a short demonstration of the capabilities of this little gadget.

Quadcopter from Londonmultimedianews on Vimeo.

The exhibition includes a wide range of toys, games and gadgets/figurines which are not only especially dedicated to children but also for grown ups.

For instance this new app game Animin, that launches on the same date as the Toy Fair, is suitable for anybody aged seven and above.


The app is free and can be downloaded on smartphones or tablets. Image: LMMNews.

The game not only makes the virtual creature realistic by combining the animation with real life decor through the camera, but also allows the player to interact with a collectible cards extension.

Animin from Londonmultimedianews on Vimeo.

And it can be said that some of the toys are collectibles themselves.


Series of figurines from TV shows are very popular. Image: LMMNews.


There are over 1300 characters for Pop figurines. Image: LMMNews.

Others are more focused on an educational purpose.

Insect Lore teaches children how to raise butterflies and then release them into the natural world.

Insect Lore

This educational toy is also used in school for biology teaching. Image: LMMNews.

There are also products for the whole family to enjoy.

lazy spa

This easy-to-build jacuzzi provides a relaxing moment almost everywhere. Image: LMMNews.

For further information about opening hours, prices, etc. Please visit the website here.

Photos gallery from Londonmultimedianews on Vimeo.

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