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Sloane Street smash and grab raiders jailed

Five men who carried out a smash and grab raid on Louis Vuitton’s Sloane Street store in June last year have been jailed at Blackfriars Crown Court.

The gang used two cars and three scooters to break through the doors of the shop in the early hours of the morning.

They grabbed designer handbags, belts and purses worth more than £70,000.

The raiders were all arrested by the Flying Squad in the Islington area shortly afterwards.

The sentences for conspiracy to commit burglary:

David Kelly, 30, from Moray Road, received seven years imprisonment. Found guilty by jury.

Michael Lewis, 28, from Upminster Road, South Rainham received six years imprisonment. Found guilty by jury.

Alan Kelly, 21, from Moray Road received three years and six months imprisonment. Pleaded guilty.

Daryl Salisbury, 25, from Kelvin Road received six years. Pleaded guilty.

Kavosh Jalali, 24, from Crescent Way received four years. Pleaded guilty.

Detective Chief Inspect Steve Ellen of the Flying Squad said:

This audacious theft was shocking to both staff at the store and passing motorists. Thanks to the Flying Squad the gang were quickly identified and arrested and an amount of goods recovered.

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