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Men cleared of axe murder

Three men have been found not guilty of killing a man at his Croydon home.

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Steven Dougherty, Sam Monteith and Paul West were tried for the murder of Danny Gough at the Old Bailey.

Mr Gough was killed by 3 masked men in December 2010.

He sustained injuries from an axe, sword and machete.

The post-mortem concluded he died from shock and loss of blood.

The prosecution had argued Mr Gough’s death was a revenge killing.

The Central Criminal Court.

The Central Criminal Court, The Old Bailey. Image: LMMNews

It was disclosed to the court that Mr Gough’s friend Leanne Meredith previously had an argument with Mr Monteith.

Mr Monteith was later slashed with a knife and sprayed with ammonia.

At court Mr Gough’s girlfriend, Kareena Modashia, confirmed men had entered their house but couldn’t identity them.

She had attempted to save Mr Gough but had ammonia thrown in her face.

Miss Modashia told the court:

My eyes started to instantly burn, I grabbed the pillow to try and wipe it off and by that time all three of them were on Danny.

The murder weapons have never been found.

The defendants had categorically denied being at the murder location  during court proceedings that lasted 11 weeks and an additional week of jury deliberations.

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