Sound Features

School: Sound feature- horror listening

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from unexpectedtales Flickr

This five minute piece was born from a desire to experiment and to have fun.

I wanted to play with the horror genre, but was unsure of how to go about it.

The idea for School came following a conversation with a friend who works as a teacher.

Her class (aged 8 & 9) had come up with a story during a writing exercise which turned out to be incredibly sinister.

With her permission, I adapted the story.

I was lucky enough to involve the children who had originally come up with the story, which you can hear throughout the feature.

The audio-design is sourced from collected sounds and sound effects.

The actress playing the role of the ‘teacher’ is Robyn Bennett.

A very special thank you to Ruby Eadon and her class at Winston Way Primary School, Ilford.

Library of Congress

The children of strikers working on the St Lawrence River 1912. Image: Library of Congress & public domain.

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