New Cycle Superhighway opposed: An examination of the route

Point on proposed route of Cycle Superhighway. Photo: Katie Rogers

Point on proposed route of Cycle Superhighway. Image: Katie Rogers

London’s black cab drivers and the the Canary Wharf Group are to seek a judicial review of Mayor Boris Johnson’s decision to press ahead with the segregated 18-mile cycle superhighway.

They say reducing the number of lanes on Embankment for car traffic will cause gridlock and delays.

The planned route goes along Embankment, and links Hyde Park with Tower Hill.

There’s been a lengthy consultation process, with 84% of 21,500 respondents being in favour of the plans.

The original plans for the ‘Crossrail for Bikes’ have already been changed after concerns were raised about the amount of traffic congestion it might cause.

The proposed cycle lanes at certain ‘pinch points’ including Westminster roundabout, Temple tube station, Blackfriar’s Underpass and Tower Hill have been reduced in size as a compromise with motorists.

Original plans increased journeys by a ‘worst case’ scenario of 16 minutes, but this has been reduced to six minutes.

The following video details the controversial points along the proposed superhighway route:

Some of the biggest changes will happen at Blackfriars Bridge, with dedicated cycle lanes allowing access to the underpass for cyclists.

The Transport for London board will meet early next month, and will be asked to approve the scheme that the Mayor has backed.

Representatives from the Canary Wharf Group and the The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) are expected to be there arguing their opposition to the route.

If the scheme is approved, construction could begin as early as April.

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