Another £4.4m needed for a second London Air Ambulance

A new campaign has been launched to raise enough funds to provide a second helicopter for London’s Air Ambulance.

view from inside of the helicopter, click to donate

For now, there is only one operational helicopter for LAA. Image: London Air Ambulance

The ‘Your London, Your Helicopter‘ campaign, which has already raised £1.6 million towards the cost of the second helicopter, now hopes to raise the additional £4.4 million needed.

This amount should sustain the service of the second helicopter and extend daylight flying hours for five years.

The official campaign poster from LAA. Click to donate

£4.4m is still required to put a second helicopter in service. Image: London Air Ambulance

Currently the only helicopter is based at the Royal London Hospital.

The helicopter was offline for maintenance for 55 days in 2014, leaving no alternative air service for the city’s hospitals.

London’s Air Ambulance is a charity group and for the last 25 years has successfully delivered over 32,000 critically injured patients to emergency services.

According to the London’s Air Ambulance website, the current helicopter is often able to reach patients eight times faster than response cars.

The CEO of the charity, Graham Hodgkin, appealed to the public, stating:

We want to ensure we can get to our patients as quickly as possible during every daylight hour. We can only achieve this with two helicopters. When London’s current, and only, emergency medical helicopter is offline for servicing or maintenance, our patients need us to have recourse to a second helicopter immediately.

The charity hopes to achieve their goal and provide a second helicopter by the summer of this year.

To find out more about the campaign and to donate, visit the London’s Air Ambulance website.

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