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Films of the week

This Friday, The Interview will be released in cinemas.

The Interview's header

In the film, the dictator Kim was actually a fan of Franco’s celebrity show. Image:

This action-comedy tells the fictional story of two TV show producers who are assigned with the mission to assassinate the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

The story was very controversial when the trailer came out earlier this year.

The film stars James Franco and Seth Rogen and is rated R.

For action fans, the new Channing Tatum movie Jupiter Ascending is also coming out on Friday.

Screenshot of setting from Jupiter Ascending

The film draws a whole new world on the other side of galaxy. Image:

At the film’s official website, fans can actually explore a whole universe created by the film. This feature is an interesting extension to interactive cinema, and provides viewers with the chance to learn more about the movie.

The film Selma, out Friday, is a chronicle of Martin Luther King’s campaign at a crucial moment in the history of the civil rights movement: the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

And for our younger audience, Shaun the Sheep tells his story on the big screen.

Although Big Hero 6 is currently leading the UK box office, second place film Kingsman: The Secret Service has received very good reviews from early audience surveys.

Screenshot from the film Kingsman

At the movie’s official website, there are mini-games for fans to play with, click to access. Image: 20th Fox Century

The film is a quintessential expression of British comedy.

It also includes lots of thrilling action scenes which have reportedly raised applause in some cinemas when the film comes to an end.

Also, the 2015 BAFTA awards ceremony will be held this Sunday the 8th of February at The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.


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