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Four Magna Carta on show at British Library- over 1,000 lottery winners see the display

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1,125 lucky members of the public won the chance to see all four remaining Magna Carta as they were brought together for the first time.

The four remaining Magna Carta were brought to The British Library to mark the 800th year anniversary of the historic agreement.

Those viewing the documents had been won through on a ballot.

Each winner received a custom ‘Magna Carta’ bag and signed personalised certificate from the one day event.

Molly Millington's personalised certificate

Mollie Millington’s personalised certificate. Image: Emily Browne

The four copies are only to stay together for three days, and will then travel briefly to the House of Lords before making their way back to The British Library, Lincoln Castle and Salisbury Cathedral.

Over 40,000 people applied to get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see all four original documents together for the first time.

The staff at The British Library donned historically accurate dress, and played medieval music to mark the occasion.

I spoke to Mollie Millington from North London, and Tony Haynes and Karen Haynes from St. Albans about the significance of the event.

The Magna Carta is one of the most important documents in history, as it was written in 1215 for King John to appease rebel barons.

It is unknown how many documents were originally drawn up, but they are considered one of the earliest surviving documents that laid the foundations of modern democracy.

A full Magna Carta exhibition is to begin in March.

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