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‘Everything, Nothing, Harvey Keitel’ awarded BBC’s Best Original Audio Drama

Pejk Malinovski, award-winning Danish poet, radio producer, and sound artist. Image: Falling Tree

Pejk Malinovski, award-winning Danish poet, radio producer, and sound artist. Image: Falling Tree

Pejk Malinovski, Goldsmiths MA Radio alumnus, has picked up his third prestigious award – BBC’s Best Original Audio Drama – for ‘Everything, Nothing, Harvey Keitel’.


The judges – broadcast journalist Kirsty Lang, actor Julian Rhind-Tutt, and Jane Anderson, radio editor of The Radio Times – made the following remarks in their assessment of the piece:

This play takes full advantage of the way in which radio can take an audience inside a character’s head.  We swim inside the protagonist’s stream of consciousness.  This piece pushed the boundaries of audio drama because it fundamentally starts from sound rather than words.  This piece is short but very rich and something the judges would urge people to listen to on headphones with their eyes closed.

Though the feature is categorised as a drama, the idea for ‘Everything, Nothing, Harvey Keitel’ is based on a true story.

Falling Tree‘s Alan Hall (shown below), executive producer of the feature, received the award in London on Mr. Malinovski’s behalf.

Mr. Hall explains the significance of ‘Everything, Nothing, Harvey Keitel’:

What Pejk achieves in [this feature] is what he’s always done, which is to weigh the meaning and significance of all the elements he chooses to use with a refined poet’s ear. It’s drama, it’s documentary; it’s balanced between fantasy and reality, playfulness and profundity, knowing irony and disarming sincerity. His use of sound, word, voice, music, archive builds a world that we trust in and which we know will be rewarding to inhabit.

‘Everything, Nothing, Harvey Keitel’ first aired on BBC Radio 3 on 12 October 2013 as episode 2 of Shadowplay to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Between the Ears. It also won In the Dark Sheffield Doc/Fest International Audio Award and Prix Europa’s Best European Radio Drama award in 2014.

Prix Europa judges said about the feature at the time:

As we listened, we were forcibly reminded that radio at its very best is an intimate medium and this piece demonstrated so clearly the ability to reach out and hold the listener in the palm of its hand from beginning to end. It contains no high drama and no tragedy but with wit and elegance presents us with a beautifully pitched picture.

Mr. Malinovski had initially wanted and expected to be a poet, but he ended up crossing into radio early on, almost by accident. Today, he is recognised in both fields and has found them equally fulfilling.

This is in part because both mediums adopt an almost identical approach to communication and therefore require similar skills and sensitivities on the part of the communicator.

Mr. Malinovski has also been awarded Director’s Choice at the 2004 Third Coast International Audio Festival for his WNYC feature, ‘Thirteen Ways’; Best Documentary: Honorable Mention, also at the Third Coast festival, in 2008 for ‘Dreaming of Osama’, a Falling Tree production; and a Special Mention (2nd place) for ‘Poetry, Texas’ at the Prix Europa in 2012 (Falling Tree).

When asked where he gets his inspiration from, Mr. Malinovski said:

Go here to listen to more of Mr. Malinovski’s audio creations.

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