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The Trace of a Cloud in a Chest by Weidong Lin

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The Trace of a cloud in a chest. Image: Weidong Lin

Two men come to terms with loss — in an open, honest confrontation of memory and grief.

This programme is about death as a part of living, about pain in remembering but also in forgetting. For we are but passing clouds — in the vastness of the experiences we call life. From The Mourning Diary by Roland Barthes:

“There is a time when death is an event, an adventure, and as such mobilizes, interests, activates, tetanizes. And then one day it is no longer an event, it is another duration, compressed, insignificant, not narrated, grim, without recourse: true mourning not susceptible to any narrative dialectic.”

“How strange: her voice which I knew so well, and which is said to be the very texture of memory (‘the dear inflection…’). I no longer hear. Like a localized deafness..”

Stephen H.
Andrew Parr (Hypnotherapist)

audiography005 by sonicbrat
audiography012 by sonicbrat
E R by Sylvain Chauveau

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