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Annie the Owl bar comes to London

An owl themed bar will open in Soho for a week next month.

The pop up bar will enable customers to sip on cocktails whilst petting owls.

The menu includes a variation of owl-themed cocktails such as Owl-Presso Martini and The Hoot.

Annie the owl, aka ‘The Queen’, is the leader of the owl-pack.

She will be accompanied by her feathered friends Ruby ‘The Exotic One’, Cinders ‘The Cheeky One’, Winston ‘The Wise One’, Hootie ‘The Beauty Queen’, and Darwin ‘The Carer.’

The concept comes from Japan, where animal cafés are very popular.

Tokyo has a number of owl cafés which cater to owl lovers and coffee drinkers alike.

The bar will be open from 19th-25th March between 8:30pm and 2am in order to cater to the owls’ nocturnal sleeping patterns.

Due to popular demand, the tickets are only available by entering an online ballot.

The selected winners will be announced on the 16th of March, along with the secret location of the bar.

The £20 charge includes entry for one, two cocktails, and two hours will the owls.

The profits will be donated to Barn Owl to help the conservation of owls in the UK.

What a hoot!

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