The bizarre public narrative of Mohammed Emwazi a.k.a. ‘Jihadi John’

The two faces of 'Jihadi John'

Sky News publishes first adult image of Mohammed Emwazi when enrolling at the University of Westminster undergraduate. Image: Sky News

Londonmultimedianews.com is presenting this posting as editorial rather than news because the continuing narrative of the ‘Jihadi John’ story lacks facts, certainty, transparency and virtually anything that can be relied upon as ‘open journalism.’

The Kuwaiti born Mohammed Emwazi has only been identified by the media as the multiple murderer of journalists, aid workers and Syrian soldiers in atrocity online videos.

No authority in Britain has been prepared to confirm that the University of Westminster information technology graduate, born 17th August 1988, and brought up in the Queen’s Park area of London is wanted for these crimes.

There has been no warrant for his arrest; no word from the Metropolitan Police or Downing Street that ‘they wish to talk to him,’ that they are pursuing him and that they mean to bring him to justice.

Meanwhile his family has disappeared- said to be in hiding though neither they nor any official has been prepared to say so.

Emwazi went to St Mary Magdalene primary school, The Quintin Kynaston secondary school in St John’s Wood and the University of Westminster.

An angelic looking Emwazi as an 8 year old boy cross-legged in red sweater has appeared in the media along with all his fellow pupils without any explanation.

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Quintin Kynaston has issued a qualified statement saying:

There has been much press speculation in recent days concerning allegations about a former student Mohammed Emwazi, who left almost nine years ago. If the allegations are true we are all extremely shocked and sickened by the news.

Embed from Getty Images

The University of Westminster has also been guarded and qualified:

If the allegations of terrorist activity are true, we are shocked and sickened by the news. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

The university thought it best to use Twitter to announce the ‘postponement’ of an event scheduled as ‘Who is Muhammad?’

The University of Westminster may well ask this question.

Embed from Getty Images

Who exactly is Mohammed Emwazi? They could also try and explain how his detailed student record along with enrolment photo were leaked to the media.

We seem to be in the land of continual ‘ifs’.

Former teachers, former students and former ‘friends’ of the man, described by the Times as ‘the Isis butcher’, have given interviews ‘anonymously’ with their faces mysteriously silhouetted, and voices electronically disguised, or ventriloquized by actors or media workers.

LBC is told it all went wrong when he hit his head playing football.

The Daily Mirror is told that he hated Jews and admired Adolph Hitler.

BBC Newsnight is told he was so disturbed at his secondary school he needed anger management.

Sky News is told it’s not surprising he was ‘radicalized’ at the University of Westminster because it was a hot-bed of extreme Islamist activism.

But these are voices without names. They are shadows and ghosts like the non-attributable briefings from ‘you know who?’

Nobody has gone on the record. Nobody it seems has the courage to speak openly and clearly about what they know, what they have experienced and what they think.

The smothering ‘hush, hush’ footprints of the Security Service, otherwise known as MI5, are everywhere.

It is said they tried to recruit him and he had been one of their suspects for six years; that he was able to slip away to Syria because they could no longer rely on ‘control orders,’ to stop him- abolished when human rights were given priority over security.

Surely it is time for the Security Service and its politically accountable ministers to start giving Londoners and the British public some concrete answers.

The agenda, even more bizarrely, has been dominated by a group called ‘Cage’ which describes itself as ‘an independent advocacy organisation working to empower communities impacted by the War on Terror.’

They, it seems, are sure that Mohammed Emwazi is ‘Jihadi John.’

They had three years of contact with him and represented him in his complaints of alleged harassment by MI5.

It would seem Cage has been supplying much of the information to the media- emails from Emwazi and other documents.

And the government and public authorities continue to provide absolutely nothing.

Cage presented Emwazi as a victim of police and security service persecution.

It receives hundreds of thousands of pounds in funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Roddick Foundation.

Mayor for London, Boris Johnson said Cage ‘are plainly apologists for terror.’

They were trying to excuse what had happened and I think that it was absolutely shameful and beyond satire that this group – funded by charities, by good British people – could stand up and blame the security services for the radicalisation of these young men.

This narrative is a shambles.

It is an insult to democracy and open government and indeed accountable policing and security.

The most unspeakable crimes against humanity have been committed by somebody who sadly could once call himself a Londoner.

His victims have been slaughtered in the most ghastly, cruel and merciless fashion and the dignity of their human lives stripped, humiliated and violated.

The families of his victims both in this country and abroad deserve much better than the insulting farce that has been unfolding in the British media and public sphere these past few days.

Neither confirm nor deny is a ludicrous policy to maintain.

Enough of the whispers and political manipulation and games.

We now think we know who ‘Jihadi John’ is and was.

Mohammed Emwazi aka ‘Jihadi John’ presumably now knows that we now think we know who he is.

And it would seem Emwazi and our security services have known how familiar they are to each other for many years.

It is time for the indictment, time for the condemnation, and time for the pursuit of justice for the victims.

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