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Three men jailed for conspiracy to supply cocaine

15kgs of cocaine seized in conspiracy investigation. Image: Met Police.

15kgs of cocaine seized in conspiracy investigation. Image: Met Police.

Three men have been jailed at Kingston Crown Court for a collective 29 years for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

50 year old Jeffrey Blair from Airdrie, Scotland received nine and a half years imprisonment.

23 year old Rrustem Shkjau from Leyton was sentenced to seven and a half years imprisonment.

A third man was sentenced to 12 years.

All three men had previously pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine.

The conspiracy  involved a stock of 15 kilograms of cocaine worth £2.3 million.

It was uncovered in a joint investigation between the Metropolitan Police Service and Police Scotland.

Blair (L) and Shkjau (R). Images: Met Police.

Blair (L) and Shkjau (R). Images: Met Police.

On 23rd July 2014, Blair was seen meeting with Shkjau in Atkins Road, London E10 and both were seen placing a large black holdall in the boot of Blair’s car.

Blair was subsequently stopped by police and a search of the car revealed the 15kgs of cocaine hidden in a compartment in the boot.

Forensics found two finger prints on the boot compartment.

One belonged to Blair and the other remained unidentified.

Further investigation later revealed that the third man had instructed Blair to meet with Shkjau to obtain the cocaine.

On 5 November the third man was arrested in Scotland.

On 28 November Shkjau was arrested by the National Crime Agency and charged with a separate conspiracy to supply cocaine.

This arrest led to the confirmation of his fingerprints and his involvement with 23rd July event.

Detective Inspector Jerry Troon from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Specialist Economic and Organised Crime Command said:

These sentences are a satisfying culmination of months of painstaking police work by officers from the Met and Police Scotland, who worked closely to dismantle this conspiracy and seize over two million pounds worth of drugs destined for our streets.

If you deal in drugs we will find you, we will arrest you and you will be put in front of the courts to face the consequences of your actions.

DI Stuart Lipsett from Police Scotland said:

Police Scotland will continue to work with all of its law enforcement partners to target those who are involved in organised crime. Specialist Crime Divisions Organised Crime and Counter Terrorist Unit are not playing games and will through intelligence and community support vigorously target all persons involved in this type of criminality.

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