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‘Jihadi John’ appears to shun extremism in CAGE recording

'Jihadi John' as he appeared in notorious ISIS execution videos.

‘Jihadi John’ as he appeared in notorious ISIS execution videos.

Additional reporting by Fernanda Berlinck

The BBC has transmitted a recording of Mohammed Emwazi, known as ‘Jihadi John’, made by the advocacy group Cage before he left Britain for Syria.

In the BBC News report Emwazi said MI5 accused him of being an extremist.

The recording was made in 2009.

Emwazi said innocent lives were lost during the 7th July 2005 attacks in London.

He also said he disagreed with the 9/11 attacks on America and the war in Afghanistan.

The BBC reports that his parents thought he travelled to Syria for humanitarian work after his disappearance in 2013.

Emwazi’s mother reportedly recognised her son’s voice when she first heard him on the hostage videos featuring the beheadings of  British aid workes Alan Henning and David Haines.

The Guardian reports that Emwazi is still regarded by his former Kuwaiti boss as the best employee he ever had.

He’s described him as calm and decent.

His former secondary school headteacher, Jo Shuter, said in a BBC  news report Emazwi was a quiet and reasonably hardworking pupil.

He graduated from the University of Westminster with an IT degree in 2009.

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