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Guilty plea from robber who mugged a 92 year old man for a fiver

Suspect sought in attack and robbery of 92 year old man.

Moment 92 year old Stanley Evans is robbed for £5 on the ground floor of his block of flats in Soho. Image: Met Police

A man who robbed and knocked a pensioner to the ground for a mere £5 has pleaded guilty at Southwark Crown Court and will be sentenced on Monday 13th April.

29 year old Solomon Bygraves, who has no fixed address, was caught on CCTV carrying out the attack and the media distribution of the footage was responsible for his arrest.

Custody image of Solomon Bygraves. Image: Met Police

Custody image of Solomon Bygraves. Image: Met Police

At around 8 pm on Saturday 31st of January this year Bygraves followed 92 year old Stanley Evans returning from a shopping trip.

When they were in the communal entrance area for the lift to his flat Bygraves grabbed the victim’s pocket and pushed him to the floor.

He then stole his wallet, which contained just £5.

Bygraves left the building and Mr Evans collapsed as he struggled to comprehend what happened.

Detective Constable Barney Dillon, from Westminster, said:

I would like to pay tribute to Mr Evans, who despite his ordeal acted with courage and dignity, which is in complete contrast to the cowardly and shameful actions of Bygraves.

Despite his shock, Stanley managed to get to his feet and took the lift to his flat where he called 999.

As a result of the assault, he suffered a shoulder injury.

London Ambulance Service was called but he did not require hospital treatment.

Stanley is a widower with no children, returned to his home, but was left fearful after the attack.

CCTV image of Bygraves

Solomon Bygraves just before he moves forward to rob his 92 year old victim. Image: Met Police.

ITV News previously interviewed Stanley Evans who is now 93 years old.

He said ‘If I was fitter I would have gone out after him!’

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