New appeal in the 5 year inquiry into the mysterious death of DJ Bain – Kester David

Kester David who performed as DJ Bain. Image: Met Police

Kester David who performed as DJ Bain. Image: Met Police

The Met Police have launched a new appeal for information in the 5 year long investigation into the ‘unexplained’ and horrific death of Kester David in Palmers Green in 2010.

Mr David’s badly-burnt body was found under a railway bridge in Broomfield Lane on 7th July 2010.

Police believe he died in the early hours of that day.

A post-mortem examination gives the cause of his death as burns and inhalation of fumes.

Kester was born in Grenada and turned 53 the day before his death.

Kester David-  Image: Met Police

Kester David- described as a loving and caring man. Image: Met Police

He moved to the UK in 1975 aged 17.

From 1997 Kester lived in Russell Avenue, Wood Green.

He was a part-time bus driver with Arriva working from the Wood Green depot.

He had a passion for DJ-ing as DJ Bain in the Soca (Soul Calypso) music scene.

Kester was also very health conscious and an active member of Virgin Gym in Wood Green.

For a period in early 2010 he worked for an internet radio station in Stoke Newington called Lynx Radio using the name DJ Bain.

Kester’s mother describes him as a loving and caring man.

The new clues and how the public can help.

The missing Blackberry

Officers are anxious to trace Kester’s missing mobile phone.

His Blackberry Curve 8520 has never been found.

It was used, i.e. at least switched on, on 14th and 15th July 2010 in the general vicinity of Wood Green shopping centre and on 22th July around the area of Whittington Hospital.

It would have been locked so no calls could be made.

It has not been used since.

The importance of finding the missing Blackberry.

The importance of finding the missing Blackberry.

Investigating Detective Chief Inspector Noel McHugh for the Homicide and Major Crime Command added:

It may be that someone found the Blackberry or was given it and has since thrown it in a drawer and forgotten all about it or passed it to someone else.

We need to find Kester’s phone and the easiest way to identify it is via the IMEI number, found on a sticker underneath the battery. Please check if you found or were given a Blackberry 8520 and it was locked or did not work.

The IMEI number of Kester’s phone is 35943003791209.

 Two sets of potential witnesses

The investigating team are keen to trace two sets of potential witnesses:

1) At about 2.30 am on Wednesday, 7th July 2010, two men, one in a grey hoody, were seen in an alleyway near Maple Leaf Court, on the other side of the railway line to where Kester was found.

The man wearing the hoody appeared to be squeezing through a fence (not the railway fence) into the alleyway that runs at the side of Maple Leaf Court. Both men then walked to the right behind a red brick building.

In order to reach where Kester was found, they would have had to then mount anti-climb fencing next to the railway line, cross the line and tackle another anti-climb fence.


2) Two men, described as white, around 5ft 8ins to 5ft 11ins and of average build, were seen walking across Morrisons’ car park at 3.45 am that day. They walked towards the far corner where there were charity recycling bins. There was also an anti-climb fence separating Morrisons’ car park from Travis Perkins yard next door.


DCI McHugh said:

Were these two separate groups of men? Or in fact the same people seen on two occasions that night?

Even with the passage of time, I believe those individuals will recognise themselves from their actions, location and the significant appeals we have made around Kester’s death.

I would like to make it clear that my priority is investigating the circumstances of Kester’s death. I am really keen to speak to you – you may not realise that you hold important information that would assist my investigation.

Do you know anything or do you recognise yourself from the information given?

Detectives are also reiterating previous appeals made during the course of the investigation.

Renewal of previous appeals and clues

The mysterious voice who answered Kester’s mobile

Two days before Kester’s death, a relative called Kester on his BlackBerry mobile phone.

A man who wasn’t Kester answered the phone.

Police are also still keen to trace this person and if it was perhaps one of his work colleagues.

The mysterious email

Officers are also still anxious for the author of an email sent to police to come forward.

Two weeks after Kester’s death, police from an Enfield Safer Neighbourhoods team received an email from someone calling themselves ‘Sharon Clarke’, who appeared to have known Kester well.

Sharon claimed to know who was responsible for Kester’s death.

Police urgently need to hear from this person.

If you have any information about Kester’s death, please call the incident room on 020 8785 8099 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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