Northern line disruption after commuter dragged under a train at Clapham South

Clapham South Underground Station. Image: Google Streetview

Clapham South Underground Station. Image: Google Streetview

It was chaos on the Northern Line this morning, when a woman was dragged under train at Clapham South Station.

One eyewitness said:

The woman’s coat got stuck in the tube door. The train had to be lifted from the tracks at Clapham South to help free her.

Another witness said it’s believed the woman’s coat got stuck.

The journeys of thousands of commuters were disrupted during the rush hour around 8 am, with no services between Morden and Kennington.

The rest of the line had minor delays.

Police, firefighters and paramedics responded to the incident.

London Underground director Nigel Holness said:

Just before 8 am this morning a passenger fell between the train and tracks at Clapham South station.

British Transport Police confirmed that she is in hospital with no life-threatening injuries.

The London Fire Brigade said:

Crews were called to Clapham South underground station during this morning’s rush hour after a woman fell between the platform and a train.

Firefighters used a ‘scoop stretcher’ – a specialist piece of equipment – to bring her back to the platform before she was taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service.

The Brigade was called at 0802 and the incident was over by 0903.

Two fire engines and a fire rescue unit from from Clapham, Tooting and Battersea fire stations attended the incident.

The service has now restarted.

The reaction on social media such as Twitter from regular commuters on this Northern Line route suggests general concern about over-crowding being a possible factor in the accident.

James Callen ‏@jamescallen I’ve just seen a woman get pushed under a tube by accident at Clapham South @TfL sort it out barriers should be on every platform #DISGRACE

Jen Stevens ‏@JenStevens  Lady dragged under a tube at Clapham South this morning. Absolutely horrific, poor soul. @TfL sort out overcrowded stations! #northernline

Emsy ‏@helloemsy  I regularly worry I’m gonna get pushed under a tube in the mornings at Clapham South. It’s dangerously overcrowded.


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