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Pop-up arts exhibition, Refuse Reuse, now open in South Kensington

Refuse Reuse is based on the idea of artists ‘repurposing with purpose’. Image: Georgina Palzeaird

Community arts organisation, Pocket, has opened a pop-up exhibition just around the corner from South Kensington station.

Starting today the exhibition features a number of pieces produced by artists who are ‘repurposing with purpose’ – based around the notion of reusing ideas, material, images and text.

Curator, Julie Brodsgaard, describes the exhibition as:

A cabinet of contemporary curiosities, filled with restructured and aestheticized found objects and various remnants of everyday life.

The intense materiality of the room is arresting, yet it also encompasses textual fragments, historical past time painting techniques and various neglected ideas and thoughts, repurposed into intriguing pieces of art.

Lucy Beaumont, the founder and director of Pocket Arts, talks about the thinking behind the exhibition:

Walking past the window you can see translucent pig’s bladders tied to a piece of driftwood with horsehair, and a typewriter with miniature football supporters replacing the keys.

Once you enter the white cube pop-up space you are welcomed by a host of eye-catching artworks such as human heads fashioned out of old plastic milk bottles, jewellery made from ancient pottery mudlarked on the Thames foreshore, and a rather friendly squashed bin with a smiley face cut out of it.

Keith Davidson, Caro Millington and Emily Rose Waite explain the inspirations and processes behind their pieces exhibited at Refuse, Reuse:

Accompanying the artworks displayed, will be a programme of special events inviting all members of the public to get involved.

These events include a family collage workshop, a spoken word and DJ night and a film screening and picnic (with popcorn!).

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The event is open 18th-22nd March from 10am-6pm each day. At 46 Thurloe Street, Kensington, SW7 2LT.

You can book your places for the events and workshops here.

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