Justice and the Law

London Borough of Tower Hamlets obtains High Court order on five teenage girls showing an interest in going to Syria

syria- the scene of a civil war and self-style 'caliphate Islamic state.' Image: Google Maps

Syria- the scene of a civil war and self-styled ‘caliphate Islamic state.’ Image: Google Maps

A High Court judge has legally barred five teenage girls from travelling abroad after he heard from Tower Hamlets Council that they had shown an interest in going to Syria.

Mr Justice Hayden made the girls, two aged 15 and three aged 16, wards of court.

This bars them from leaving England and Wales without the permission of the court.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets had raised concerns and are thought to have made the court application.

The judge directed the girls were not to be identified.

He also ordered the removal of their passports and those of a number of adults involved in their care.

The judge said was evidence suggesting that family members in the case had not been full and frank with social services, and that the girls had been moving to a more radicalised position.

He said:

It seems to me that that must have been known to the parents and they deliberately did not share it with the authorities who were keen to protect these vulnerable young girls.


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