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Lambeth drug dealer jailed after taking incriminating selfies

An image found on Junior Francis' Instagram account.

An image found on Junior Francis’ Instagram account.

Junior Francis of Lambeth has been jailed for six years and eight months at the Inner London Crown Court after pleading guilty to dealing in Class A drugs and money laundering.

On 12th November 2014 officers from Lambeth proactive drugs and firearms team stopped Francis as he left his home, after searching him found he had crack cocaine and heroin with a street value of £3,000.

When they went to his home they found substantial amounts of the same types of drugs, with a street value of over £75,000.

Officers also seized £7,000 in cash.

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Detective Constable Matthew Clark, of Lambeth Police, said:

Francis used bullying and intimidation to facilitate his drugs business. From start to finish he denied having any money or dealing drugs but was ultimately undone by his vanity, taking selfies and boasting on social media. Removing Francis from our streets has removed a key contributor to the drugs trade in Lambeth.

Francis initially denied the charges against him, but changed his plea to guilty and was sentenced Wednesday 25th March.

A substantial amount of photographic evidence was found on his mobile phone linking him to the supply of many street level drug dealers in the area.

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