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Two men convicted of White Hart Lakes murder- 3 others guilty of plotting cover-up

Neill Buchel was brutally murdered in Dagenham last year. His killers were brought to justice today.

Neill Buchel was murdered in Dagenham last year. Two men have been convicted of his killing. Image: Met Police

Two men have been found guilty of murdering Neill Buchel in Dagenham last year.

Three others have been convicted of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

The prosecution alleged Chas Quye from Dagenham, and Elvis Kwiatkowski, from Royston were responsible for killing Neill Buchel at Quye’s home in Stansgate Road, Dagenham on 13th March last year.

Chas Quye, convicted of the murder of Eric Buchel today.

Chas Quye, convicted of the murder of Neill Buchel today.

Mr Buchel’s body was discovered dismembered and disfigured two weeks after he had been reported missing by his ex wife.

A fisherman found a human thigh at White Hart Lakes, Eastbrookend Country Park, Dagenham, and over several days, police divers recovered nine other body parts.

White Hart Lakes, Eastbrookend Country Park. Image: Google satellite

White Hart Lakes, Eastbrookend Country Park. Image: Google satellite

A further three men – Scott Hunt and Alan Quinn from Dagenham and Bradley Andison from Rochester – were found not guilty of murder but convicted for the part they played in the disposal of the body, and the subsequent cover- up.

Elvis Kwiatkowski, of Roston, also charged with murder.

Elvis Kwiatkowski, of Roston, also charged with murder.

The court was told how Mr Buchel had been seen limping earlier that afternoon in the company of Hunt and Quye.

Mr Buchel told a friend that he had been beaten around the legs with a hammer by his friends.

Hunt then got into a fight with some youths, before being arrested by the police for being drunk and disorderly.

Hunt was released later that evening, and went back to his house on Stansgate Street where Mr Buchell, Quye, Quinn and Kwiatkowski were drinking.

Other people present in the house testified to seeing Mr Buchel being abused by some of the other men.

One woman said she saw the victim on his knees ‘with some material over his head’ while Quye stood by with a rubber hammer.

Mr Buchel subsequently died of his terrible injuries including internal bleeding, multiple fractured bones and defensive injuries to his hands, consistent with being beaten, kicked and stamped upon.

His body was actually disposed of by Andison, Quye’s half brother. Quinn did not take part in the attack, but left the house the following morning as if nothing had happened.

Investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Chris Jones, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command said the defendants:

demonstrated a total lack of humanity which culminated in a sustained attack on the evening of 13 March 2014 from which Neill subsequently died.

The abhorrent nature of Neill’s death and subsequent treatment of his body has left his family and friends devastated and unable to understand the level of violence used against a vulnerable man. Those responsible have never accepted their involvement in his death but have continued with a web of lies in an attempt to evade justice.

All are due to be sentenced on Wednesday, 15th April at the Old Bailey.

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