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Man jailed for attacking his partner in shopping centre lift

A man has been jailed after being filmed punching his partner in a shopping centre lift.

36-year-old Jason Edwards, of north west London, has been sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court to two years’ imprisonment for actual body harm.

He pleaded guilty to the offence.

Jason Edwards has been sentenced to two years in jail. Image: Met Police.

Jason Edwards has been sentenced to two years in jail. Image: Met Police.

The attack took place on 5th February in Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds Bush.

It lasted for approximately two minutes.

Edwards punched his partner in the face at least 15 times and in front of her three children.

The violence was recorded on CCTV.


CCTV footage showed Edwards attacking his partner in the lift and in front of her children. Image: Met Police.

He was met by a security guard outside the lift, but he’d already gone when police arrived at the scene.

The victim didn’t want to reveal the attacker’s identity or press charges.

She didn’t go to the hospital and she made a good recovery.

However, an investigation was launched by detectives at the Community Safety Unit in Hammersmith and Fulham.

Officers identified Edwards as the attacker and arrested him on 16th February.

Detective Sergeant Damian Ash said:

Shockingly, Edward’s attack has been compared to a boxer relentlessly cornering and punching his opponent on the ropes. For nearly two minutes he struck his partner as if she was a human punch bag, in front of her three children who were helpless to stop it. Despite reluctance from the victim in revealing the identity of her partner and attacker, we were able to progress the investigation quickly using the CCTV and intelligence available to us.

This case is testimony to our commitment in bringing violent offenders to justice, whatever the circumstance are, even when there is no victim statement provided at court.

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