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Sound Feature: Do You Like Raisins?

Many people are turning to Online Dating to find love. Image: FreeImages

Online dating is becoming more and more popular.

The old stigma that online dating has seems to have been lost over the past few years as we move forward in the digital era.

But what ever happened to stranger danger?

Statistics now show one in five young adults use online dating sites and apps to meet people.

With easy access to finding ‘love’ many have jumped online to view their options.

You can even download apps on your phone that allow you to know how far away a potential love interest is away from you.

Often it is fun and harmless, but we must still remember the potential dangers in meeting people online.

It’s very easy to trust a screen, but are you 100% sure you know who you’re talking to?

Do You Like Raisins? follows the story of Jasmine, a young woman who tells us her experience with online dating.

She describes how it took a dark turn after weeks of chatting to a charming mystery man online.

This Sound Feature was written and produced by Scarlett Stansall.


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