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Detectives seeking ‘calm and relaxed’ robber

'Calm and relaxed' suspect in William Hill branch in Hackney. Image: Met Police

‘Calm and relaxed’ suspect in William Hill branch in Hackney. Image: Met Police

The Met Police Flying Squad is seeking an apparently calm and relaxed robber of a bank and betting shop in London.

Detectives have released CCTV footage of ‘ a man they want to speak with.’

He’s suspected of stealing around £3,000 in the two robberies.

1st raid Bookmakers in Hackney

The suspect walked into William Hill in Wilton Way at around 6 pm on 25th November last year, told a cashier he had a gun and calmly demanded money.

Cash was handed over.

2nd raid Barclays, Stamford Hill

The next day at around 10.55 am a suspect ‘fitting the same description’ walked into Barclays Bank, Stamford Hill, queued for counter services. and threatened a cashier.

The cashier gave him money and he quickly left the premises.


'Calm and relaxed' suspect at Barclays Bank, Stamford Hill. Image: Met Police

‘Calm and relaxed’ suspect at Barclays Bank, Stamford Hill. Image: Met Police

The suspect is believed to be aged between 25 and 35 years old, with a London accent. He’s described as a light-skinned black man with short afro hair and a short beard.

He’s understood to have been wearing black jeans, a black jacket with shiny, leather shoulder pads and black trainers with white toe caps and soles.


Detective Constable Mark Gladman, from the Met’s Flying Squad, said:

The robber has walked into the bank at a busy time of day, with lots of customers about. After waiting to be served, he casually leans across the counter and makes his demands.

He was so relaxed that customers in the bank seemed unaware that he was actually threatening the woman at the counter.

He showed the same level of calm when robbing the bookmakers.

We would like to speak to the man seen in this footage. His face is really clear so we are hopeful that someone will know who he is. Do you recognise him? If so, please call me or Crimestoppers.

The man may be local to the area, but detectives remain open to the possibility that he travelled in from a neighbouring borough.

Anyone who recognises this man or has information about these incidents is urged to call DC Gladman on 020 8345 4226 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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