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Candidates take a short break from campaigning to celebrate Easter Day

  • David Cameron spends the day in Oxfordshire while Chancellor George Osborne campaigns in London
  • Ed Miliband is in Doncaster after speaking notes of the debate are found in dressing room
  • Nicola Sturgeon offers Labour to work together to ‘lock out’ David Cameron from No.10
  • Nick Clegg says Jesus’ values resonate with people of all faiths and none
  • Leanne Wood says she wants to end austerity and rebalance power and wealth
  • Nigel Farage chooses Twitter to wish everyone a happy Easter

David Cameron spends the day in Oxfordshire and George Osborne campaigns in London

The Conservative leader David Cameron has released an Easter video message saying that Easter is a time to reflect on the part Christianity plays in British life.

The Church is not just a collection of beautiful old buildings, it’s a living, active force, doing great works right across our country.”

He added that while Britain is a nation that ‘accepts all faiths and none’ we are still a Christian country and his government will support Christianity both at home and abroad.

Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha have attended the Easter Sunday service at St Nicholas Church in Chadlington, Oxfordshire.

Chancellor George Osborne has spent the morning at Syon Park Garden Centre in London. He’s spoken to voters about pension reform changes.

He’s also told ITV News that cutting top rate of income tax from 45p to 40p isn’t a priority.

David Cameron has also spoken to ITV News about the matter:

It’s not our policy, it’s not our plan. Our plan is to raise to £12,500 the basic rate threshold so that we take another million people out of income tax all together and cut tax for 30 million people.

Ed Miliband sends happy Easter wishes from Doncaster

The Labour leader has shared a video on his Facebook page.

In the midst of the Easter celebrations our hearts go out to those who face difficult times both overseas and closer to home. My thoughts are particularly with Christians in Syria, Iraq and other countries where the church suffers terrible persecution.

But we don’t need to travel far to find families facing fear and uncertainty. Over two million children are now living in poverty in the UK. I have admiration for those church members and Christian charities that provide support and hope to those in need.

Mr Miliband celebrates Easter Day in the middle of the controversy generated by some speaking notes left behind in a dressing room after Thursday’s General Election debate.

According to those notes, Mr Miliband hoped to come across to voters as a ‘happy warrior.’

Mark Ferguson, a Labour activist of the LabourList website, said it was ‘pretty unforgivable’ for someone to have allowed the notes to be left behind – but insisted some of the contents could be seen as ‘endearing.’

Ukip Clacton candidate and former Tory MP Douglas Carswell expressed a different opinion on Twitter.

Nicola Sturgeon offers Labour to work together to ‘lock out’ David Cameron from No.10

In the meantime, I repeat my challenge to Ed Miliband: if together our parties have the numbers required after 7 May, and regardless of which is the biggest party, will he and Labour join with us in locking David Cameron out of Downing Street?

Leanne Wood says she plans to end austerity and rebalance power and wealth

Speaking to Radio 4’s The World This Weekend she said:

Many people who vote Labour do so because of what Labour used to stand for in terms of their old values. And if we, with others, my friends in the SNP and any Greens that are elected in England, can put pressure to bear on the Labour Party to force them to consider what their original values were all about, then I think that’s something that would have backing from people.

Nick Clegg has called the Easter holiday a time of reflection and renewal and a time to spend with families

He says the values that Jesus lived his life by ‘compassion, humility and forgiveness, resonate with people of all faiths, and none.’

Mr Clegg also took to Twitter to extend his Easter good wishes.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage also used Twitter to share his Easter message

The Mail on Sunday newspaper has reported that UKIP had commissioned and ‘buried’ a poll showing that Farage has fallen behind his Tory opponent in the Kent seat he is contesting.

It is also said he is in danger of finishing third, with Labour catching up fast.

UKIP have dismissed the leaked poll as ‘rogue’ and not properly representing the support Farage has in the constituency.

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