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LBC hosts Women Leaders’ Debate

LBC hosted the first all female broadcast debate this evening, as four of Britain’s most senior female politicians went head to head.

Conservative Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman, Liberal Democrat Crime Prevention Minister Lynne Featherstone and Ukip’s Dianne James took part in the 90 minute debate hosted by Iain Dale.

Twitter was alight in praise of an all women debate.

Host Iain Dale relayed questions sent in via text, tweet, email and live phone in.

The opening exchanges were with regard to the recent case of the Bethnal Green school girls who have traveled to Syria to join Islamic extremists.

Nicky Morgan began by stressing that we must teach children the values that make us British: tolerance, democracy and rule of law.

Harriet Harman was firm on the point that these are children, not adults, and that Britain must recognise that they’re being groomed not radicalized.

Lynne Featherstone attacked the lack of trust and ‘us against them’ attitude which was being cultivated.

Leading on from this, the panel were questioned on whether the benefits of immigration outweigh the negatives. 

When asked, Nicky Morgan stated her ‘jaw is dropping’ listening to Harriet and Lynne, adding that Ukip are ‘all over the place’ on the EU migration issue.

The panel fielded several questions surrounding women’s rights and the lack of women in politics.

A prominent feature of this election has been the disagreement surrounding the NHS.

Nicky Morgan said she believed that keeping NHS free at the point of use is vitally important to the Tories.

Diane James responded by stating that Ukip are about the National Health Service, not the International Health Service.

Following this up with one of the most controversial moments of the evening by saying that she also stood by Nigel Farage’s comments with regard the treatment of HIV patients not born in this country.

Each candidate was given a minute for their closing statement. But in an unusual twist Iain Dale asked the panel to pitch directly to an 18 year old caller, Jasmine.

Lynne Featherstone

Nicky Morgan

Harriet Harman

Diane James

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