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Man jailed for burglaries and frauds across London

31-year-old Levi Bradbury from Chilton Grove Southwark has been jailed for operating as a bogus window cleaner to burgle homes in east and south east London.

A judge at Southwark Crown Court sentenced him to two years imprisonment for six counts of burglary, three counts of fraud and four counts of theft on 31st March.

Levi Bradbury. Image: Met Police.

Levi Bradbury. Image: Met Police.

Between May 2013 and September 2014, Bradbury visited blocks of flats in Lewisham, Southwark, Hackney and Tower Hamlets posing as a window cleaner.

He convinced residents to let him in and pretended to check the windows were closed before he could start cleaning.

He told his victims he needed the payment up front.

He would get about £15 – 25 at a time, then he would say he had to go and get some change before starting cleaning the windows.

But he never returned.

Bradbury led some residents to believe he was part of a larger team of window cleaners or working on behalf of their block’s management team even though he didn’t have identification or cleaning materials with him.

Occasionally, he walked with his victims to a cash point but didn’t return home with them.

During three incidents in 2014 Bradbury offered to go to the cash point on behalf of his victims.

The victims handed over their PIN numbers and he withdrew £300, £200 and £50 from their accounts.

He returned the card to one victim but not to the other two.

Bradbury received a payment from one victim, and told her he would return with her change.

Instead, he stole £5 cash and a mobile phone on the way out.

The phone was found buried under a tree a short distance away from the victim’s address the following day.

Detective Sergeant Kelly George, of the Met’s North East Detection Unit, said:

Bradbury is a likeable, chatty, charming man who used his friendly personality to gain the trust of his victims.

I would like to remind the public that they should not invite anyone into their home unless they have the correct identification on them and do not hand over your bank cards or PIN numbers to anyone.

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