London Fire Brigade rescue a ‘Grand National non-runner’ from a ditch in Belvedere

Successful rescue by London Fire Brigade of Cody. Image: @LondonFire

Successful rescue by London Fire Brigade of Cody. Image: @LondonFire

The London Fire Brigade’s world reknown skills in combating fires extend to rescuing animals trapped in marshland and waterlogged ditches.

A small horse called Cody can be grateful for the service after becoming trapped in mud in Belvedere.

Cody fell into a ditch on Anderson Way in Belvedere yesterday.

Rescue slideshow

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Cody doesn’t appear to have any injuries.

Borough Commander for Bexley Richard Welch said:

The horse has fallen into dirty muddy ditch but appears to be ok if a little distressed. Crews have entered the water and are working hard to get Cody out. One thing is certain that it won’t be running in the Grand National tomorrow.

Cody has been taken back to the stables to be seen by a vet.

The Brigade was called out at 1.27 pm and the horse was out of the ditch by 2.55 pm- in time for a shower and late lunch.

This story emerged first through social media as part of the London Fire Brigade’s award-winning Twitter feed.

This is backed up with the Brigade’s Facebook page.

This is how Cody’s dramatic and skillful rescue was revealed to LFB’s 94.2 thousand Twitter followers yesterday.

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