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Scoop by Daily Mirror purportedly shows CCTV of Hatton Garden burglars dressed as builders and removing loot in wheelie bins

Daily Mirror publication of CCTV said to be showing Hatton Garden raiders. Image: Daily Mirror. Click through to paper's coverage.

Daily Mirror publication of CCTV said to be showing Hatton Garden raiders. Image: Daily Mirror. Click through to paper’s coverage.

The Daily Mirror newspaper has published images of CCTV footage which it says shows the gang of burglars pulling off the Hatton Garden gems heist.

The paper has uploaded a 17 minute video sequence  showing at least six men arriving outside the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit company’s building shortly after close of business on Thursday evening last week.

The Mirror says the gang can be shown making two separate visits over the Easter holiday weekend, and leave on Easter Sunday.

The contents of the safe deposit boxes they have broken into in are concealed in wheelie bins and bags.

They make their getaway in a white van.

The paper has given each individual raider depicted in the CCTV nicknames such as ‘Mr Ginger’, ‘Mr Strong’ and ‘The Gent’.

The Mirror has also revealed that the specialist Hilti DD350 drill used in the burglary may be linked to a burglary four months previously at a building site in nearby Fetter Lane.

Two Hilti diamond tipped drills were stolen.

The Met Police have not yet made any comment about the footage.

The Met has admitted to being alerted to an intruder alarm going off at twenty minutes past midnight on Good Friday when it would seem the raid had just got underway.

The Met said the call was graded in a way that ‘meant that no police response was deemed to be required.’

In the Mirror’s video available on their website:

  • The camera centres on a doorway, with an adjacent intercom, at the bottom of a stairway to the street.
  • Several men appear wearing high-visibility jackets, builder’s hats, gloves and dust masks and carrying orange tool boxes and holdalls.
  • Others are wearing blue overalls and gloves.
  • Three men, their faces covered, are pictured manoeuvring wheelie bins in and out of the building.
  • A white van is seen pulling up shortly before 7am on Easter Sunday,
  • Once the bins and bags are loaded, the group get in and drive away.

The raid in London’s famous diamond and jewellery quarter was not discovered until Tuesday morning.

Detectives have established that 72 safety deposit boxes had been opened, five were vacant and 11 were due to be “drilled out” due to non payment of fees.

56 boxholders are being contacted and estimates of the value of goods stolen vary between a few million pounds to two hundred million.

It’s been described as a well organised and sophisticated crime in which the thieves used a diamond tipped drill to breakthrough two metres of reinforced concrete to access the vault.

They reached the basement using an adjacent life-shaft.


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