Why Nigel Farage might be in a sweat in South Thanet

Nigel Farage canvassing in South Thanet at the weekend. Image @Nigel_Farage

Nigel Farage canvassing in South Thanet at the weekend. Image @Nigel_Farage

South Thanet was seen as Nigel Farage’s ticket to a seat in the Houses of Parliament come May 7th.

However, a leaked internal poll conducted by ComRes suggests that the area has very much become a three-way split.

Putting the Conservatives on 31%, UKIP on 30% and Labour a point behind on 29%.

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Mr Farage will not be encouraged by a national poll in the last 24 hours that shows support for UKIP has fallen three points to 11%, the lowest level since 2012.

Opinium Research surveyed 1,916 adults online on April 8th and 9th for the Observer newspaper.

It has been suggested that fronting a national campaign and being the candidate locally for the coastal seat in Kent is the reason for his slide in the polls, a lead which stood at 11 points in February.

However, Mr Farage remains adamant that this is not the case.

He said: ‘Look, I have been campaigning for three years virtually non-stop so the fact there is 26 days left is rather cheering.’

The incumbent Conservative MP, Laura Sandys, has stood down having served just one term in parliament.

Craig Mckinlay, now the Conservative candidate for South Thanet, also believes that the seat is not at all a foregone conclusion and continues to campaign fervently on behalf of his party.

Away from the three main competing parties, Al Murray has officially submitted his papers to run as the candidate for FUKP in South Thanet.

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The party pledges, amongst other things, to bring back Grange Hill and a 1p per pint of lager law.

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