Man jailed after being found with drugs in his boxer shorts

Mohammed Faisal Riasat

Mohammed Faisal Riasat, who has been jailed for drug offences

A man caught with Class A and Class B drugs in his boxer shorts has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

Mohammed Faisal Riasat is 22 years old and from Sutton.

He pleaded guilty on Wednesday 15th April to possession of drugs with intent to supply.

Riasat was arrested by officers taking part in ‘Operation Odin’, which is aiming to tackle drugs and drug dealing in Kingston.

Officers thought that the vehicle he was travelling in was suspicious, and a drugs dog indicated the presence of Class A drugs.

When Riasat was searched at the police station, the drugs were found in his underwear.

He told officers of the distress that his arrest would cause his family, saying ‘You’re going to see my mum cry because of this.’

Detective Inspector Adam Guttridge, of Kingston CID, said:

Drugs don’t only ruin families and communities but are also a catalyst for other crimes which are committed by people to fund their drug habits.

Riasat was so concerned about his mother’s tears but had no care about the tears of other mothers, who worry about their children being hooked on drugs as a result of his actions.

I hope this sentence shows the seriousness of this offence and acts as a deterrent to anyone carrying or supplying controlled drugs in Kingston.


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