‘Die-in’ protest at the notorious Millbank roundabout in Westminster

A 'die in' at Millbank roundabout

A ‘die in’ at Millbank roundabout. Image: Robbie Macinnes

Scores of mourners and protesters have held a vigil and ‘die in’ at the Millbank roundabout next to Lambeth Bridge.

Police halted traffic as cyclists lay down in the road as if killed by collisions.

Preparing for a die in. from Londonmultimedianews on Vimeo.

The event took place after 55 year old Moira Gemmill was killed while cycling on the Millbank roundabout on Thursday 9th April.

Five London cyclists have died in accidents in 2015.

Each accident has involved a lorry.

Peter Hartley, the Chairman of the Westminster Living Streets Group, called on Westminster Council to increase road safety for cyclists.

The vigil and protest was organised by Stop Killing Cyclists, a charity that campaigns for safer roads.

Representatives from the charity demanded action from local government and praised the police for their swift responses to incidents.

Evidence of a Police Cycle Safety Team

Evidence of a Police Cycle Safety Team. Image: Robbie Macinnes

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