Boris Johnson calls for a ‘trail of facts’ in wake of Janner ruling

Boris Johnson called the Janner decision "disgraceful".  Image:

Boris Johnson called the Janner decision “disgraceful”.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson spoke on the decision by the CPS to recommend that former Labour MP Lord Janner is too ill to stand trial for alleged child abuse.

Johnson told his LBC Radio phone in ‘Yes, I think it’s obviously very, very disgraceful, it’s regrettable and questions need to be asked.’

It may be that there is a way forward. It may be that Alison Saunders can think of some approach that would allow the facts of the case to be tested in some legal way without, as it were, putting Lord Janner on trial.

I also think it might be reasonable for people to be satisfied, doubly sure, that the medical disqualification … is actually valid. I think we might need a second opinion from the doctors, as it were.

A group of senior MPs have spoken out against the CPS decision in a cross party letter sent to The Times.

In it, the MPs say that the decision not to charge Lord Janner over alleged child sexual abuse could lead the public to see any investigation into the establishment as a ‘whitewash.’

The letter is co-signed by politicians including Conservatives Zac Goldsmith and Nadine Dorries, Ukip’s Mark Reckless and Caroline Lucas, of the Green Party.

The CPS acknowledged last week there was enough evidence to prosecute the peer for 22 sex offences against nine people.

Prosecutors say the abuse spans from the 1960s through to the 1980s.

However, medical evidence sought by the CPS has recommended that Janner is too ill to stand trial.

He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009 and requires round-the-clock care.


In addition to the MPs, some familiar faces, both political and celebrity have had their say on the matter.




The Labour Party said Lord Janner has been suspended in “light of these very serious allegations” but his family has repeatedly denied he is connected to any wrongdoing.


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