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Old Bailey jury finds 24 year old man from Barking guilty of ‘ferocious’ murder of East London minicab worker


Gulam Chowdhury found guilty of murder. Image: Met Police

A jury at the Central Criminal Court has convicted 24 year old Gulam Chowdhury of murdering 22 year old Mohammed Yasser Afzal in March Last year.

Mr Afzal was stabbed to death outside a cab office in Broadway, Stratford.

During Mr Chowdhury’s four week trial, it was alleged he’d plotted to kill Mr Afzal over an argument over a woman, called Riaz, with whom both men had been in a relationship.

Mr Afzal was working in the offices for E20 Cars when he was stabbed 20 times in the attack.

He never regained consciousness.


Mohammed Yasser Afzal stabbed 20 times and never regained consciousness. Image: Met Police


Police Officers managed to place Chowdhury, who’s from Heenan Close, Barking, at the scene of the murder through mobile phone records and CCTV footage.

Witnesses described how they had seen Mr Chowdhury, wearing a distinctive JD Sports shoulder bag, lurking around Mr Afzal’s family cab office in the minutes before the stabbing.

Det Insp Euan McKeeve said:

Gulam Chowdhury carried out a ferocious assault on Mohammed Afzal. The level of violence used was shocking and ensured that Mohammed would not survive the attack.

Whatever Mohammed’s motives were for the actions he took in attempting to maintain his relationship with a woman, he did not deserve to be murdered.

It is thanks to the thorough and meticulous work of my officers who have worked tirelessly since Mohammed’s murder that we have managed to prove Chowdhury planned, and then executed, this vicious assault which ended in the savage murder of a young man.

Mr Chowdhury will be sentenced on the 1st of May.

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