Labour announce plans for rent control while the Tories set out their first 100 days

Boris Johnson and Ed Miliband on The Andrew Marr Show

Boris Johnson and Ed Miliband clash on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show (Image: BBC News / YouTube

  • Boris Johnson and Ed Miliband clash on the Andrew Marr show.
  • Ed Miliband announces plans for rent controls to help “generation rent”.
  • The Conservatives set out their plans for their first 100 days in government.

The Andrew Marr Show

Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson appeared alongside Labour leader Ed Miliband on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show.

As  they sat side by side on the sofa the two men clashed over issues including non-dom tax status.

The Mayor also repeated his claims that Ed Miliband had ‘back-stabbed’ his brother David to become party leader.

Both men were in combative mood and journalist Andrew Marr eventually told them to ‘shut up now please’ as he attempted to bring the segment to a close.

Labour’s plans for rent controls 

Labour leader Ed Miliband has been outlining plans to peg rent rises to inflation if he comes to power.

Reiterating his key campaign message that the UK ‘needs to change so it works for working people again’, Mr Miliband outlined his plans to Andrew Marr.

He also rebuffed claims that rent caps ‘never work’.

Under the plans, tenants would sign three year tenancy contracts, and their landlords would be obliged to increase rent in line with inflation. Inflation is currently 0%.

Rent controls were previously in place in the UK but were abolished in the 1980s. They aim to keep the price of renting down for private tenants.

The Tories have argued that rent caps may lead to ‘substandard’ accommodation, and critics have also argued that landlords would hike up rent prices in anticipation of the policy.

The Conservatives’ first 100 days 

Embed from Getty Images 

David Cameron has been working hard to inject energy into a Conservative campaign that has been accused of being lacklustre.

The Tory leader has been emphasising his party’s focus on the economy and again warning of the possibility of a Labour/SNP coalition government.

Outlining plans for the first 100 days of another Conservative government, he’s said he would ‘continue to put working people front and centre of our economic plan – offering security at every stage of life.’



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