May Day Parade in Clerkenwell- no interest from national media & ‘champagne socialist’ litter?


Red flags and communist leaflets abounded today in Clerkenwell Green as crowds gathered for the May Day Parade.

Left-wing organisations from around the world chatted, chanted and exchanged ideas outside the bright red door of the Marx Memorial Library, where Lenin published Iskra, and just round the corner from the offices of the Morning Star.

There was a rich display of colour in banner-art.

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Activists, campaigners, and socialists from all over the world spread their message through megaphones and the ‘liberal’ distribution of leaflets.

Preparing for a Parade from Londonmultimedianews on Vimeo.

A volunteer at the Marx Memorial Library explains the library’s significance.

Few representatives from the media were spotted at the parade.

A lone camera watches from afar. Image by Robbie MacInnes

A lone camera watches from afar. Image by Robbie MacInnes

And fewer still from Conservative Party  sympathisers in the national press.

Image by Robbie MacInnes

Image by Robbie MacInnes

Workers of the world, say cheese!

Members of the Communist Party of Great Britain from Londonmultimedianews on Vimeo.

But some took to Twitter after the parade to vent their frustrations at the messy state of Clerkenwell Green once the socialists had left.


Others noted the irony of finding empty champagne bottles strewn about the Green.

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