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Security guard rapist jailed for 25 years


Kwame Boakye.

A security guard who drugged and raped his unconscious victim before targeting and raping another woman he lured to his flat has been jailed for a total of 25 years.

Kwame Boakye, who’s 53 and from Deptford, was found guilty of three counts of rape following a trial at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday 13th of March.

He was sentenced on Tuesday 5th of May.

The court heard how Boakye met his first victim through his work as a security guard.

He used his influence within the Ghanaian community to befriend her and offered to help her find employment.

He then persuaded her to come to his home on her own on 22nd of November 2012.

He gave her a drugged cup of tea and once she was unconscious, he raped her.

Boakye was arrested on 8 December 2012 and denied the offence when interviewed.

He said that the victim had never been to his address and that they had never had sexual intercourse.

He even went as far as claiming that he was impotent.

Whilst on bail, Boakye befriended his second victim, another Ghanaian woman.

Under the pretence that he was a trader in clothing to Ghana, he persuaded her to come to his flat.

He offered his victim a drink but she refused, after which he became agitated and used force to rape her.

He then carried out a campaign of intimidation and threats to persuade her to return to his flat on numerous occasions where he committed further offences of rape.

Once Boakye began to lose control over his second victim, he began to harass her family and friends.

When arrested Boakye claimed that his second victim had never been to his flat alone and again claimed that he was impotent.

The police argued that telephone records and victim statements provided overwhelming proof of his guilt.

Investigating officers Detective Constable Chris Hammond and Detective Constable Liz McAvoy, from the Sexual Offences Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, said:

Kwame Boakye is a dangerous, calculating and predatory rapist. He used his position of influence in the Ghanaian community to befriend his victims and gain their trust. He then used this trust to lure them to his flat where he attacked them.

We would like to thank his victims for their bravery in reporting him to police and providing their evidence in court. The Met is committed to supporting victims of sexual assault and bringing their attackers to justice. We would encourage any further victims of Boakye to come forward in the knowledge that they would be fully supported.

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