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The Art of Doing More…

The Art of Doing More

The exhibition is a collaboration with Microsoft. Image: Will Yu

After casting your vote in the General Election this Thursday, the 7th of May why not embrace the art of doing more.

You can visit  a pop-up contemporary art exhibition called just that.

The Art of Doing More’ open its doors for four days.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Microsoft and Beautiful Crime to celebrate of the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

11 British contemporary artists have been invited to create original artworks for this exhibition by using the new Microsoft tablet.

This exhibition, featuring 101 unique artworks, has given the artists we work with a fantastic opportunity to illuminate the Surface 3’s ability to combine creativity, art and technology on the go, in ways they hadn’t explored before. – Beautiful Crime CEO Liam West and Creative Director Ruthie Holloway.

Ellie Richardson, the Surface Consumer Lead at Microsoft and one of the organizers of the event explains the aim:

Indeed, with new technology and digital media, artists have experienced an innovative process of creation:

The latest tablet from Microsoft comes with a drawing software which offers the artist the same creative possibilities as their traditional materials…and perhaps more.

Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro 3. Image: LMMNews

Here is a short demonstration of the software called FreshPaint and its creative potential.

It’s been announced the first 100 costumers who purchase Surface Pro 3 at the event will receive one of the 101 exhibited artworks as a gift.

And by buying the software there’s an extra chance of winning a unique piece by street artist D*Face, which is valued 18,000 pounds.

The original painting by D*face, unveiled at the exhibition. Image: Will Yu

The exhibition is located at Broadgate, in East London and will only last four days.

More information can be found at the event webpage.

In the meantime, here are some exhibited works combining art and technology.

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