General Election 2015-The African media perspective-The Outside looking in

"Location Nigeria AU Africa" by Alvaro1984 18 - Own work.

“Location Nigeria AU Africa” by Alvaro1984 18 – Own work.

Katherine Haddon is the correspondent for Agence France Press, AFP,  in London- an international news agency taken by many African media outlets and employing more African journalists than any other global news agency.

I followed her Twitter account @khaddon overnight.

It’s interesting how this AFP reporter, ex-Kabul bureau chief and head of online, English was interested in the fate of George Galloway- he has a big profile in Middle East and Africa, the implications of the Tories winning and holding an in/out referendum, nationalism in Scotland, and reaction from the EU and Danish Prime-Ministerial connection with Neil Kinnock’s son who begins a parliamentary career.


The United Kingdom is buzzing with the unexpected results of the 2015 General Election.

The foreign media, including African correspondents have been anticipating another coalition government with the Labour and Tories level-pegging.

But the Exit Poll and clear swing to David Cameron’s Conservatives suggests a return to majority party rule.

Africa is interested in terms of any potential change in Britain’s role in the EU and aid policy.

The African Foreign correspondents will be assessing implications through Friday.

One of the very highly regarded African journalists currently based in London is Wanjohi Kabukuru.

This is his profile:

Wanjohi Kabukuru is the Eastern African correspondent of New African the oldest English language, pan-African monthly magazine published in London and distributed in over 100 countries. He also writes on the environment and security affairs for Diplomat East Africa, the leading East African regional diplomatic affairs magazine. Prior to becoming an international journalist he was formerly an investigative reporter covering human rights and environmental justice for The People’s Daily in Kenya. Kabukuru contributes articles to Radio France International (RFI), the Mail and Guardian, Inter Press Service among other media entities. His coverage has won numerous awards, and he a former editor of Zwazo magazine in Seychelles. Kabukuru has presented papers in media conferences across the globe and is a member of several international professional media bodies.

Mr. Kabukuru has tweeted very few times during the election results

But his interest in a pro and pan-European political philosopher was interesting:-

As a contrast Adela Suliman’s personal Twitter account offered wit and personal views not at all sympathetic with the election results.

Adela Tweets at @ASBintBattuta and styles herself as:

Lawyer. Journalist. Nomad. Pogonophile.Tea Addict. London.Doha.Tripoli.Khartoum.

4.50 am

Nigerian Guardian reports all change in British politics:

‘Britain’s new parliament will look very different from the outgoing one, with a host of new faces including the surge of 56 representatives from the pro-independence Scottish National Party.’

11.30 pm

Nigerian Guardian- coverage of UK General Election. Screen grab

Nigerian Guardian- coverage of UK General Election. Screen grab

One particular headline from the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper says ‘Britain holds knife-edge vote crucial for EU, Scotland.’


10 pm

Interesting ‘outside world looking in’ online article has been by Al Jazeera’s Adela Suliman.

In ‘Factoring in social media for UK election victory’ Adela looked at how the UK parties have taken to social media platforms to garner electoral support and attract voters to the polls.

Al Jazeera's focus on social media role in General Election campaign. Screen grab Al Jazeera.

Al Jazeera’s focus on social media role in General Election campaign. Screen grab Al Jazeera. Click through to read article.


Hello I’m Kikelomo Togun, I will be providing you with another global perspective on the General Election and my focus is the African Dimension.

While the votes are being counted, Africa is also waiting in anticipation to know the verdict of the British people.

The election is the lead international story for most newspapers, some countries have dispatched correspondents who are currently in the UK, covering the campaign with live updates.

They have been writing pieces on how the new government will handle the relationships with the various countries in Africa and the world at large.

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