General Election 2015- The World Media perspective- the outside looking in

Liberation- a French left wing newspaper is covering the British General Election as their lead story. Image:

Liberation- a French left wing newspaper is covering the British General Election as their lead story. Image:

Good morning, the General Election 2015 ends with the Tories being the largest party and about to form a new government on their own without coalition partners.

The latest BBC prediction says the Conservatives would lead with a majority of 329 seats, meaning that David Cameron wouldn’t need to form a coalition with any third party to rule the country.

The Conservatives’ coalition partner party, LibDems, in last Parliament have been crushed with only 8 MPs in the House of Commons.

However this live-blog comes to its end, for more information, don’t forget to check other articles, reports and live-blogs about the GE 2015 on our website

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07:35 am

—— from German newspaper Spiegel

’The winner of the general elections 2015 is Cameron, but the actual triumph belongs to Nicola Sturgeon’

07:15 am

—— from Chinese weibo user Chinese Wall-street


Screenshot from Chinese twitter weibo. Image:

’After the general elections, Cameron seems to have satisfactory results. However, he is still facing challenge in the future. As he promised, if the Tories win the elections, there will be a referendum before 2017 to decide if UK would detach from EU, this might intensify divergences inside the Conservative party on the UK-EU issue.’

06:53 am

—— from the British correspondent of Le Monde

The Tories reach almost the majority but without any seat in Scotland. The United Kingdom is on a breaking edge.

06:23 am

—— from German newspaper ZEIT

British elections: Miliband admit the defeat, the Tories with Cameron are expecting the majority

03:06 am

—— from French newspaper Libération

Les derniers résultats annoncés ne font que confirmer les prédictions de la BBC. Soit une victoire inattendue des conservateurs, à 10 sièges de la majorité (voire peut-être moins) et une immense déception pour le Labour qui essuie une débacle électorale encore plus cinglante que celle de 1992. C’est aussi la quasi-annihilation des libéraux-démocrates qui perdent 47 sièges.

The latest results confirm the BBC predictions. This is an unexpected victory for the Tories, with only 10 seats (maybe less) to the majority and a huge deception for the Labour who undergoes the worse electoral debacle since 1992.  This is also nearly the annihilation of the Liberal Democrats with a lost of 47 seats.’

02:01 am

—— from Chinese weibo user


screenshot from the Chinese twitter ‘weibo’. Image:

‘I’m surprised the SNP could win so many seats over the Liberal Democrats. After consulting the previous survey, I think Cameron will choose the Lib Dem to form his coalition, this is wouldn’t be a surprise…’

1:49 am

—— from French newspaper Le Monde

‘British legislatives: Scottish ‘shower’ (disappointment) for the Labour

00:27 am

We are also covering the count throughout different constituency in London and some in UK, don’t forget to check other live-blogs of this election night on our website

11:49 pm

—— from French newspaper Le Monde

Elections in United Kingdom: the SNP is in the process of empowering.’

11:00 pm

—— from German newspaper ZEIT

’Cameron could remain Prime minister. However the SNP would change the country.’

10:17 pm

—— from Chinese weibo user

weibo post

Screenshot of Chinese twitter ‘weibo’. Image:

If the Tories leads, a coalition with a third party would let them win, smaller parties are discussing which leading party to support, to some extend they are deciding whom would govern. However, the Labour seems to be foolish this year, even a third party coalition couldn’t save it.’

10:03 pm

—— from French Twitter user

‘This doesn’t mean the Tories is going to win’

10:00 pm

—— Votes closed, the counting starts…


Hello. I’m Will Yu and will be providing an international perspective on the General Election 2015.

How are countries and their news media reporting what’s going on in Britain? I will be reporting and translating from Chinese, French and German media sources.

I’m also assisted by Fullbright Journalism scholar Hannah Harris for the US media perspective and Kikelomo Abiola Togun for African media dimensions.

Liberation is France’s leading left wing newspaper.

On their online home page the UK General Election is their lead story.

And they are interested in whether what they describe as ‘Northern Ireland bigots’ hold the key to Downing Street.

Their take on the rise of the smaller parties with coalition options is a disenchantment by the British for their political elites represented by the Tories and Labour.’

They see the growth of the smaller parties as an ‘undermining the UK’s electoral system.’

This is because if the results in 2015 leave only coalition options such as happened in 2010, the UK clearly does not have ‘a first past the post’ electoral system.

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