Kensington and Chelsea- Tories regain two seats- The General Election 2015

Victoria Borwick has been elected as the Conservative MP for Kensington.

She succeeds Malcolm Rifkind.

But Labour will not be too unhappy with their performance in what has always been regarded as a safe Tory seat.

They came second with 10,838 votes.

Share of the poll in segmented pie chart form.

Share of the poll in segmented pie chart form.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea- the richest in the UK- also shared a constituency in the General Election campaign with the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

The Conservatives were the winners again in the constituency of Chelsea and Fulham.

Chelsea & Fulham Constituency

Elected as Member of Parliament for the Chelsea & Fulham Constituency:
Greg HANDS (Conservative)

Name: Party: Votes: % share:
BAILEY Simon Liberal Democrat 2,091 5.20
HANDS Greg Conservative 25,322 62.95
NOBLE Adrian John UK Independence Party (UKIP) 2,039 5.07
RUBIN Guy Green Party 1,474 3.66
SANDERSONAlexandra Labour 9,300 23.12
Constituency turnout: 63.58%

Proportions of votes cast in Chelsea and Fulham constituency, General Election 2015.


Kensington Town Hall- where the count for 2 constituencies, Kensington and Chelsea & Fulham are taking place

Kensington Town Hall- where the counting for two constituencies, Kensington and Chelsea & Fulham is taking place


Kensington Town Hall empty after a convincing win. Image: Scarlett Stansall

Kensington Town Hall empty after a convincing Tory win. Image: Scarlett Stansall


Victoria Borwick was in buoyant mood following her victory


We spoke to some of the party representatives after the results:

Robina Rosa – Green Party:

Toby Auguste – CISTA:

Toby Auguste representative of CISTA. Image: Scarlett Stansall

Toby Auguste representative of CISTA leaving the Count after results were announced. Image: Scarlett Stansall


Victoria Borwick acceptance speech:


Results Announced:

Conservative Party activists in Kensington keep their seat, with Victoria Borwick elected the new MP for this constituency and succeeding Malcolm Rifkind.

A breakdown of the number of votes each party received:

Conservatives – 18, 199

Labour –  10, 838

Lib Dem – 1, 962

Green Party – 1, 765

UKIP – 1, 557

CISTA – 211

Animal Welfare – 158

Alliance for Green Socialism – 115

NIPC – 23

There were a total of 139 rejected votes due to being void.



Results announced to candidates who ran in the two constituencies. Image: David Kelly



All 9 Candidates gather anticipating Election Result as count comes to a close. Image: Scarlett Stansall


Other candidates start to arrive at Kensington Town Hall for the Election Count Results at around 02:30AM this included Conservative candidate Victoria Borwick and CISTA candidate Tony Auguste.


We interviewed Mohammad Abouharb the candidate for the Labour party and he was optimistic about the result:


We spoke briefly with the Liberal Democrat party candidate Robin Macgee:

It is difficult to tell or even predict the outcome without looking stupid. The serious issue is we have been squeezed out by the other two main parties… if the exit polls are accurate we will be absolutely eviscerated.




UKIP candidate Jack Boville. Image: Scarlett Stansall

We spoke to UKIP candidate Jack Boville about how he felt his campaign went and what his chances are:


Ballot numbers have come in confirming an increase in the turn out this year compared to the General Election in 2010

34,974 – ballot papers

57% – turn out


It is expected to remain a safe Tory seat.  However after the Malcolm Rifkind controversy earlier this year when he was embarrassed by an investigative newspaper sting, other parties will be looking to challenge this Conservative stronghold.

Nine candidates stood for this borough.

They are:

Mohammaed Abouharb – Labour Party

Toby Abse – Alliance for Green Socialism

Tony Auguste – Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol

Victoria Borwick – The Conservative Party

Jack Bovill – UKIP

Roland Courtenay – New Independence Centralists

Andrew Knight – Animal Welfare Party

Robin Mcghee – Liberal Democrats

Robina Rose – Green Party

Final Ballot boxes have just arrived.

Last ballots to come in for the count at the Royal Borough of Kensington

In the 2010 General Election 35,405 votes were cast for this borough which was a turn out 53.7%

Malcolm Rifkind won that seat safely with 17,595 votes overall.

This year there has been more votes than the last General Election with Ballots still coming in at 23:30.

The count is expected to finish at roughly 5 am.

Count about to offically start at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Image: Scarlett Stansall

Count about to officially start at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Image: Scarlett Stansall



Hello we’re Scarlett Stansall and David Kelly and we’ll be reporting live from the election count at Kensington Town Hall for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

The Royal Borough is managing the counting for two constituencies: Kensington, and Chelsea and Fulham.

We’re focusing on Kensington.

This is because the constituency has a larger contrast between rich and not so rich and its former MP Malcolm Rifkind was felled by a controversy over lobbying.

Victoria Borwick is hoping to be elected Kensington’s next Tory representative.

In Chelsea and Fulham, the Conservative MP Greg Hands is hoping to be re-elected.

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