14 arrested as English Defence League marches in Walthamstow opposed by United Against Fascism and local people

Policing at Walthamstow rallies. Image: @MPSStamfordHill

Policing at Walthamstow rallies. Image: @MPSStamfordHill

The Met Police have arrested 14 people following the march and rally by the English Defence League (EDL) and a counter demonstration by both Unite Against Facism (UAF) and ‘We are Waltham Forest’ today.

One man has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and 13 people have been arrested on suspicion of a variety of offences under the public order act 1986.

All 14 have been taken to north and east London police stations for questioning.

Two people injured during the demonstrations have been treated by London Ambulance Service medics at the scene and do not require hospital treatment.

Walthamstow’s re-elected Labour and Cooperative MP, Stella Creasy, played an active role as observer and liaison with the police throughout the day.

She used multimedia switching between Twitter, Periscope and Facebook postings to provide monitoring for an event [The EDL march] she did not want to happen in her constituency.

She said she had consistently opposed the EDL march but the Home Office had not agreed to her representations.

She said ‘I have been consistently raising concerns about decision to let EDL come here,’ and that the police had told her she was ‘only national political representative during election who did that too.’

The police had imposed conditions on the marches under the Public Order Act because of the past history of disorder at events organised by the opposing groups.

One restriction imposed a time curfew between 1 and 4 pm though the traffic disruption caused in the area suggested the some demonstrators had exceeded the time limit.

At least one person Tweeted their approval of their MP’s presence and intervention:

Large police resources were deployed to keep the peace including the use of mounted police horses and helicopter support from NPAS (National Police Air Service.)

Jean Lambert, London’s Green Party member of the European Parliament attended the rally in Walthamstow town centre of local people opposed to the EDL march.

There was widespread opposition expressed strongly on social media before today’s event.

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