Housing charity Generation Rent calls for a Queen’s speech on housing

The housing charity Generation Rent has released a report demanding that the new Conservative government should call for a Queen’s speech on the current housing problem in London.

London Housing. Image: http://www.generationrent.org/

London Housing. Image: http://www.generationrent.org/

They also called for a new ministerial post of ‘Secretary of State for Housing.’

The extent of the housing crisis in London has recently been highlighted by the housing charity Shelter, who discovered that only 0.1% of London houses on the market are affordable for the average young family.

Other points in the Generation Rent report include the uncertainty felt by those renting accommodation, a call for huge investments in new house building, and a need for tougher regulation in housing standards and subsequent enforcement.

LMMN Reporter Tom Glasser spoke to Dan Wilson Craw of Generation Rent and began by asking him whether they still would have released the report under a new Labour government.

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