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Teenage moped gang jailed for carrying out robberies in London’s ‘finest establishments’

CCTV footage of the gang performing an armed robbery at the Dorchester Hotel. Image: London Met Police

A London court has heard how a gang of teenage armed robbers drove across london on mopeds carrying out ‘smash and grab’ raids at some of London’s richest hotels and shops.

Five men, aged between 17 and 19, have been found guilty of involvement in last summer’s robberies, which seized jewellery worth up to £335,000.

Kingston Crown Court heard they targeted businesses including the Dorchester Hotel and Rankins Jewellers between mid May to the end of July in 2014.

The men received youth custody sentences of between three and 10 years.

The court heard the gang used mopeds to reach and escape from their targets.

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Detective Constable Martin Lappin, from the Flying Squad, said:

This was a well planned and orchestrated series of robberies. I have no doubt that had we not apprehended these men when we did they would have continued to commit further offences.

I am pleased with the sentences that have been handed down as they highlight that armed robberies are not victimless crimes.

Innocent people were injured during the gangs spree, one of whom was knocked unconscious and as she simply went about her business that evening.

These men gave no concern for those they hurt or to those who had to witnesses the traumatic robberies. They caused much fear and alarm and for that today’s convictions are justified.

These sentences should serve as a warning to others who believe they can get away with committing this type of crime.”

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