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James Bond takes to the Thames

MI6 building in Spectre teaser trailer

The teaser trailer for new James Bond film “Spectre” shows the MI6 building on the banks of the Thames, apparently damaged. Image: James Bond 007 / YouTube

Action scenes for Spectre have been filmed on the Thames.

The upcoming film is the 24th in the James Bond franchise, and stars Daniel Craig in the lead role.

From the banks of the river, Londoners watched a chase involving a speedboat and a helicopter.

Daniel Craig and a blonde actress could be seen in the boat as it swept down the river.

Observers also spotted a blue house floating in the Thames, complete with a floating garden with candy-pink walls.

The house seems to be part of the film set, alluding to something a little more unusual than the standard action-packed fare.

Parts of London were closed for the filming, with Lambeth Bridge out of bounds during the night.

Spectre is due to be released on the 6th of November. It is based on a new story, but draws on author Ian Fleming’s material.

Filming is taking place in Mexico City and Rome as well as in London.

A teaser trailer was released in March. Scenes show that the MI6 building on the banks of the Thames has sustained serious damage.

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